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Waddell & Reed Asset Management Group within Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company (WRIMCO), was formed for the purpose of offering investment management services to the institutional marketplace. Waddell & Reed has been providing services to the institutional marketplace since 1972. Waddell & Reed, established in 1937, either directly or through its investment management subsidiary, WRIMCO, has provided continuous investment management services for over 75 years. WRIMCO's ultimate parent, Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. (WDR), is a publicly-held corporation.

WRIMCO offers separate account management in domestic, global and international equity strategies, and domestic and global fixed income strategies. Our diverse client list includes corporations; foundations and endowments; Taft-Hartley plans; and public funds. In addition, we also have an extensive history of managing assets for other investment companies as a sub-advisor.

We're a fundamental research firm that offers a defined, disciplined approach to each of our investment styles — our in-house equity and credit research and proprietary evaluation tools are continuously adjusted to reflect our outlook on the global markets, currency conditions and business cycles.

Sharing the wisdom of an extraordinary collection of investment professionals, economists and research analysts, our portfolio managers have historically been able to deliver highly competitive investment results.

    Assets Under Management as of 06/30/2016
  • Total - $86.5 Billion
  • Institutional - $9.0 Billion

    80 investment professionals
  • 1 Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
  • 31 Portfolio Managers
  • 11 Assistant Portfolio Managers
  • 22 Analysts
  • 3 Economists
  • 1 Client Portfolio Manager
  • 11 Traders
  • Portfolio managers average 23 years experience
  • Portfolio managers average 16 years company tenure

Waddell & Reed has at its core a highly respected investment organization that traces its roots to the inception of the mutual fund industry. Our heritage and our culture are built upon a commitment to investment excellence. Our expertise spans nearly all asset classes, sectors and disciplines, including global/international, asset allocation, natural resources, science and technology, large and small cap growth, core and value equity and fixed income.

Philip J. Sanders
Philip J. Sanders, CFA

Chief Executive Officer and
Chief Investment Officer
Philip J. Sanders, CFA
27 years experience
Global Director Equity and Fixed Income Research Gilbert C. Scott
25 years experience
Global Director of Fixed Income Mark G. Beischel, CFA
23 years experience
Economic Team 2 global economists
1 U.S. economist
Global Equity Team 23 portfolio managers
7 assistant portfolio managers*
1 client portfolio manager
7 analysts
Global Fixed Income Team 8 portfolio managers
4 assistant portfolio managers*
15 analysts
Trading Team 11 traders
Average portfolio manager experience 23 years
Average portfolio manager tenure at the firm 16 years
* With investment analyst responsibilities

Our investment management team meets every day at 8:45 a.m. in a collaborative setting that fosters idea sharing, yet reinforces individual accountability. Through all market cycles, we remain dedicated to the following investment principles:

  • Rigorous fundamental research - an enduring investment culture that dedicates itself to analyzing companies on its own rather than relying exclusively on widely available research produced by others.
  • Collaboration and accountability - a balance of collaboration and individual accountability, which ensures the sharing and analysis of investment ideas among investment professionals while empowering portfolio managers to shape their portfolios individually.
  • Focus on growing and protecting investors' assets - a sound approach that seeks to capture asset appreciation when market conditions are favorable and, especially, strives to manage risk during difficult market periods.

These three principles shape our investment philosophy and money management approach. Over seven decades, our investment organization has delivered consistently competitive investment performance. Through bull and bear markets, our investment professionals have not strayed from what works - a time-tested investment process and fundamental research. Investors turn to us because they appreciate that our investment approach continues to identify and create opportunity on their behalf.

Dedicated client service professionals as of 06/30/2016

  • 3 professionals
  • Average 24 years of experience, 12 years with Waddell & Reed

Experienced back office as of 06/30/2016

  • 30 professionals
  • Average 18 years of experience, 9 years with Waddell & Reed

Access and Transparency to everyone involved with client portfolios

  • Investment professionals
  • Client Service
  • Operations/back office
  • Legal and compliance

"We continuously strive to provide top quality service by forming a partnership with each client. Together we can focus on meeting client goals and objectives."

Nikki F. Newton
Senior Vice President
Global Director of Institutional Marketing